Offering Art Consultations, Fine Art Sales, and Custom Framing for Over 40 Years

Custom Framing & Art Consultation Services in Washington, DC

At Portmanteau Fine Art And Framing, we are art consultants offering a selection of services from fine art sales, art consultations, framing, and custom office or home design. Our custom office or home design services are guaranteed to make your place look unique and one of a kind. Our approach to work is your style, your space, and your design with a little help from us.

We serve the following areas:

  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Virginia Beach Area
  • Surrounding areas of Washington, DC
  • Large Projects U.S., Canada and Europe
Art gallery in a museum

Decades of Experience

Inspired by ancient splendors and contemporary aesthetics, Portmanteau Fine Art And Framing is distinctive in its sophisticated finishes and precious concepts. We have over 4 decades of experience in custom art framing and consultation. We combine quality old-world framing techniques with modern innovation.

Creating a Pleasant Ambiance

Portmanteau Fine Art And Framing was founded to ensure great customer service and quality in art and design. We are committed to creating something fresh, unique, and distinctive. Our comprehensive services add just the perfect finishing touch to create a pleasant ambiance in your homes and offices.

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